Every friend that buys something from my Society 6 will also get a little doodle from me, just for you!

So go buy some shit, help a sista out ;)

Buy some shit here

Someone give me good Netflix suggestions because my Transmission app is a piece of shit and refuses to download anything. thanks.

I need sketching inspiration. I’m not good at sketching or doodling. I’m good at spending a long time on one big elaborate piece, but not sketching.

Can anyone with a slightly older white ink tattoo please tell me about their experience with it?

One of my artists says he tattoos a girl more pale than me with white ink and another artist said it will either yellow or fade away entirely in less than a year.

I really want constellations in white ink on my inner forearm below the bend in my elbow.

Gotta look hot to be crashin’ parties n shit.

But I don’t know how.

Ok guys, help me out here.

I have to do a drawing of a mother and son, and I cannot and refuse to even attempt to draw people.

So, if people were anything other than, you know, actual people, what would they be?

What should I draw them as?

Sick with the flu still and refusing to leave my room because my roommate a twat, so if you could recommend some good films, please and thank you.

Guys, I need good cheesy romance movies, right now.

arrrg akjsfdhgak Netflix

None of the movies I want to watch are on instant. 


Also, did Netflix take off the search by actor feature or is there a trick and I’m doing it wrong? I type in an actors name and all I get are movie titles with similar names in them. Harrumph.

What if I did something like this to my swans? Maybe with the extra wings in blue?

Meh, I don’t know.

Some bored artist, make additions to my tattoo for me :)

Help; Calling computer/music nerds

Can someone pretty please tell me how to easily get FLAC files to play in iTunes?

If your advice is to download Fluke, I’ve tried that and my computer says error when I try to open the application.

I have to write a short paper on power and propaganda in V for Vendetta for my English class and I don’t know if I have the energy to stop feeling like a fucking useless sack of soggy potatoes long enough to write it.

Does anyone know how FAFSA refunds work because I have a question.

The full remainder of the amount I accepted after disbursement for my class payment is not what was refunded to me. Because FAFSA is a loan for a full year, fall and spring, does anyone know if they refund half after fall payment and half after spring? Also, the refund plus what my classes cost was well over half the amount I accepted, so if they split it up between fall and spring wouldn’t they not refund me any if the disbursement for my classes was over half?

Help! I need moneys and I’m confused.

I need some suggestions or ideas for future tattoo sketches and simplistic paintings.

What’chu got??

Also, tumblr no longer allows me to respond to those posts (hence the dumb pictures). Does anyone know why or how to fix this? I have not uninstalled missing e.